CanFly® Electronic Fuel Injection and Ignition System

A CanFly Lycoming engine management system is an advanced Electronic Fuel Injection and Ignition system that is designed to replace Slick Magnetos on the Lycoming O-Series engines. This brings many advantages:

  • Simpler starting.
  • No modifications to the engine other than installing components designed for aircraft use.
  • Self powered and fully redundant for maximum reliability.
  • An integrated CanFly® interface to allow programming and display of operational information.
  • Better fuel economy.
  • Fully programable.
  • Auto throttle mode for best mixture at all times.
  • Can have an optional mixture control for manual override.
  • Supplied as a complete kit.

A CanFly® system is composed of several components. Each is designed for a specific use in an experimental aircraft:

Kotuku also offers an optional engine data system that creates a fully featured engine management system. This is composed of

  • kEDU an engine data unit to instrument the engine.
  • kEDD a compact 3.5" instrument to display the status of the engine and kMAG system

Complete kit