CanFly® Electronic Fuel Injection and Ignition System

Upgrade your Lycoming O-Series engine with a modern, reliable, and efficient system.

A CanFly Lycoming engine management system is an advanced Electronic Fuel Injection and Ignition system that is designed to replace Slick Magnetos on the Lycoming O-Series engines. This brings many advantages:

  • Simplified Starting: Experience smoother and easier engine starts.
  • Easy Installation: No modifications to your engine are required, only components designed for aircraft use need to be installed.
  • Enhanced Reliability: The self-powered and fully redundant system ensures maximum reliability during flight.
  • Improved Performance.
    • Better Fuel Economy: Reduce your operating costs with optimized fuel burn.
    • Precise Control: Full programmability allows for fine-tuning engine performance.
    • Manual Override: A mixture control provides the option for pilot-controlled adjustments.
  • Complete Kit: The CanFly® system comes with everything you need for installation.

CanFly® System Components:

A CanFly® system is composed of several components. Each is designed for a specific use in an experimental aircraft:

Optional Engine Data System:

Kotuku also offers an optional engine data system that creates a fully featured engine management system. This system includes:

Complete kit

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