Complete EFI system with a #4 updraft intake flange.

  • Dual kMag Generator,  Ignition and Injection controllers with manual mixture control
  • CanFly bus connector for data feed and programming
  • 4 Injector channels
  • 4 Cylinider Ignition
  • Manifold pressure
  • Manifold temperature,
  • Fuel pressure
  • Generator Volts
  • Ignition harness
  • 8 x 14mm spark adapters
  • Fuel distribution block with fuel pressure sensors
  • #4 flange up-draft throttle body
  • 4 dual-coil fuel injectors.
  • Programming adapter.

This is for experimental aircraft use only.  Extra cables and fittings may be required to be provided by the builder.

Sensors must be purchased separately.

The Lycoming engine must have a fuel injection fuel pump, as well as a 28psi electric fuel pump.  These are not provided.

 Due to the world-wide electronics shortages there may be up to an 8-week delay on shipments.  Please email to get an estimated delivery

4 Cyl EFI for O-320 complete with #4 flange and 4 injectors

  • Product Code: KMAG-O320
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  • $5,995.00

  • Ex Tax: $5,995.00

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